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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Weeding Saga Continues

The weeding continues.  I've been working on the square foot veggie beds for the last two days.  I got one and a half  done yesterday and  one and a half  done today, plus a few of the pathways between the beds. That leaves the asparagus bed and the blueberry bushes  that are being overtaken by weeds.  I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I have also discovered that every ant in Jefferson County, and maybe even  Walker County, just up the road, has taken up residence in my veggie beds and those nasty little  things bite. I did some unspeakable things to them today,  dousing them with boiling water.  I always  feel guilty about doing that, but   we just cannot coexist peacefully I'm afraid.

Now if only I could believe that  Mother Nature  isn't planning some nasty weather surprise, I  could begin planting. But I just don't trust the  fickle lady and fear that she had been sending us these  days  with temperatures in the 80s just to lull us into thinking it's safe to plant. And as soon as we do plant, she'll  zap us with a late frost. I hope I'm wrong, for the sake of all those folks I know who HAVE  gone ahead and planted. 

I'm hoping to get   the weeding finished in the veggie area tomorrow before the rains come. That is, if I can actually move tomorrow-  every joint and muscle in my  body is voicing discontent in light of my recent activities. Doe this mean I'm getting old, or is it just that  I was too sedentary over the winter?

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