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Monday, March 20, 2017

Blue Skies and Blossoms

Today was an absolutely beautiful day!  After getting some laundry and housework done I went outside to enjoy the sunshine and to see how everything was doing.

Sadly, the  white azaleas didn't fare too well in the  freezing temperatures we had.  What were once lovely white blossoms now hang limp and brown  and much of the new growth was  also damaged and is now wilted.

 But all is not lost-  the blooms that were hidden at the bottom of the  bushes and closer to the protection of the wall survived without  damage and  there are plenty of new buds that somehow managed to escape the freeze.
Some of the dogwood blossoms are fully open now and the branches are filled with buds and blossoms in various stages, from closed up tight to nearly fully open. A few more days  like today and the tree should be in all its glory, filled with  a bounty of  delicate white blossoms glistening against a  clear blue sky.

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