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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Nesting Season

 For the last few years a wren has managed to get in the greenhouse to build  a nest in one of the hanging baskets. I was hoping  they  would find a better place this year because once I discover the nest I can't, in good conscience, water the plant for fear of destroying the nest. We've lost several very nice geraniums  thanks to the little wrens.  So far, there have been no signs of nest building in the hanging baskets.

We know  that nest building has been going on because  several times a day we see a  wren perched on the  privacy fence around the deck with leaves, pine straw or strands of moss in her mouth. We've tried to get a picture of her but any movement near the door or  window spooks her and she flits away, sometimes under the earth boxes, sometimes she lands and scurries under the barbecue grill.  But we couldn't figure out where she was  building the nest- until Mr. G discovered it yesterday.He refused to tell me where it was, said I'd have to find it myself, I couldn't miss it.

When I went outside this morning to check on the greenhouse I looked all around but saw nothing. But as I went to open the kitchen door, there it was! We keep a couple of brooms just outside the kitchen door  under the eave, in the  corner formed where the house meets the privacy fence.
The brooms are used to sweep the deck.  With the brooms is an old self-wringing twist mop with a thick yarn head. I haven't used it in ages since I got the steam mop, but keep it around for wiping down the siding on the house, etc.
The wren saw the potential in that nice yarn  mophead and  got to work. Here is what I saw when I looked at if from another angle.  I saw that all those  leaves, moss strands and other bits and pieces the wren had been gathering  went into making a nice soft place to lay her eggs. I just hope the mop stays dry in the rain.  It's  pretty safe under the eave but if wind blows rain against the house  all her  hard work may be for naught.

 I do hope it all works out, and that her eggs when she lays them,  will hatch out little babies , and that she can keep them safe. We have to be careful now when we let the dogs out that they don't try to go after her. Now I feel guilty that  I didn't want her in the greenhouse- I do think it would haven better  and safer for  mother and babies inside, out of the rain and away from the dogs. Then again, maybe she is  very smart and the mop nest is a diversion.  She may be hoping that while I'm watching what goes on at the mop, she is watching for her chance to get back in the greenhouse and claim a hanging basket.

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