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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Blossoms, Butterflies and Baked Goods

Today was another day that began  cloudy and gray but the sun emerged victorious and broke through the clouds once more.

There is a peach tree growing in the woods behind the house, just over the fence.  It had begun blooming last week and I wondered how the  blossoms had fared in the   freezing temperatures we had earlier this week. They  seemed to have come through   unscathed. The peaches are this tree produces are very small and quite hard.  By the time they get soft enough to pick and eat they  have usually been pecked at by birds and invaded by ants, so the blossoms are all we  really get to enjoy, but they are a lovely sight.

When I went out with my camera to take a picture of the blossoms I was  surprised to see an eastern tiger swallowtail  flitting about. I followed me back to the deck and  swooped about the roses on the arbor before settling down on the mulch just off the deck.  It stayed still for quite a while as though anxious for me to  take its picture. I was only too happy to oblige.
With blossoms and butterflies, I decided  we needed another "B"  to round out the day's activities so I decided to bake something.  These chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are quite delicious.

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