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Thursday, March 02, 2017

In Like a Lion

March did come in like a lion yesterday with howling winds and rain. At around 8:30 AM  there was a loud boom; the  lights went off and it sounded as though  the basement door had been blown off, so that half the contents of the basement were rattling around and shaking. As it turns out, a tree had fallen up the street, taking  power, phone and cable lines with it.   We think a strong gust of wind had somehow gotten under the  vinyl siding on the north side of the house causing it to shimmy and shake- hence all the rattling sound we heard.

Power  company  trucks  arrived on the scene within a short time and worked all morning.
Electricity was finally restored at  around 12:30 but we were still without telephone, internet or cable TV. With no other means of communicating the outside world, I'd had no choice but to use my nemesis, the smartphone that Mr. G had given me a couple of years ago, to phone the cable company. They said they were  aware of the problem and  crews has been dispatched. The crews arrived and within an hour or so they had gotten everything working again and we were once more in touch with the outside world. I am so  grateful for  these   people who get out in all kinds of weather and dangerous conditions to keep everything up and running.

 Meanwhile I had, for the first time, been successful in  using the  smartphone to  check the weather report and to go on facebook, so  progress is being made on the technology front.  Semi-Luddite that I am, I still prefer the pc or the Kindle Fire for accessing the internet, though .

It stayed warm all day and the sun actually came out a few times during the afternoon.  Such weather is always a little unsettling because  it has been known to spawn tornadoes.  We were fortunate though and while we were under a tornado watch   part of the day,   and the weather radio k pt giving alerts abut damaging storms with hail, we  escaped the worst of it.

Temperatures did dip overnight and  there is definitely a chill in the air this morning. But the sky is a lovely shade of bright blue with no storm clouds on the horizon, and the temperature is predicted to stay in the  mid 50s today and tomorrow. The seedlings and I are happy campers 😎😎


Rick Watson said...

We live in a strange and wonderful place.

Grace Smith said...

Sometimes it's more strange than wonderful, though :-D