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Monday, October 16, 2006

Never is heard a disparaging word

Sam and the girls are molting. Feathers are everywhere except on the chickens! And when it rains, I just can't stop myself from muttering stuff about how bad a soaking wet chicken, or more specifically, a wet rooster missing half its tail feathers, looks when it's all wet and bedraggled. But I will NEVER, ever make a comment like that again. Because today I went to renew my driver's license. And it was raining. And I looked slightly bedraggled when I got there.

Now I don't have any delusions of being a great beauty, but I am willing to bet that the cameras they use to take pictures for licenses are equipped with a special "ugly" lens. Because if I really do look like the creature staring at me off that license, the one in full makeup for a horror movie about the creature that crawled out of a lagoon, I may just go live in the chicken coop with Sam and the girls and never show my face in public again! But the girls would probably just go into shock at the sight of me and quit laying!

Tonight when I went to feed Sam and the girls they were all wet. I held my tongue, though --didn't even mutter under my breath. But I couldn't help thinking how lucky they were that they didn't have to go out on a rainy day to get licenses with their pictures on them!

And for those of you who have been visiting faithfully, hoping to read about some new adventure- I apologize. Life around here has gotten slightly complicated in the last six months or so - I'll write more about that later. But Sam and the girls are fine ( despite being wet and featherless), and we are still visited regularly by critters. I'll try to get the blog caught up over the next few weeks- Sam misses hearing me tell him how entertaining folks think he is. Meanwhile I have to make sure that he never sees my new driver's license or he'll try to get a blog of his own and fill it with heaven only knows what disparaging words about how I look !