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Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Rooster Song

It's hard to believe that I haven't blogged since Sept. 2008. A lot has happened in the interim, some good, some bad, some happy some sad. One of the sad things is that Sam died last December. A possum got in the coop, and Sam saw this as a big threat. Evidently the two got into it, and decided to fight to the death. The possum was the victor, but Sam got in some blows, too, judging from the blood in the coop. So now, Monique, the Plymouth barred rock is the lone and lonely survivor. Here's a picture tribute to Sam:
Sam, when he was a roosterhen- before he crowed. We named him/her Sam- short for Samantha or Samuel Pepys- whichever turned out to be correct :)

Hitchhiking on my boot
As Sam grew up, he was joined by Emily, Henrietta and Monique, affectionately known as Sam's "girls. He was most protective of them, but would have no part in their squabbles.

Sam grew into quite a handsome fellow. He loved to hop into my lap for an evening treat of couscous.

I really do miss Sam and his antics, although Mr. G says it's kind of nice to be able to go in the back yard without having to fear an attack by an irate rooster. But just to remind me of Sam, I have set the ringtone on my cell phone to a rooster crowing. Sam would get a kick out of it, and it's always cool to see how folks react when they hear it!
So, I won't be blogging about Sam's antics anymore, but I'll be back blogging about other goings on, including gardening, an occasional political rant and my new addiction to kitchen gadgetry and cooking a la Julia Child, so check back.