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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sam's Back- sort of...

Sam and the girls apologize for not being more active here lately, but they have fallen upon hard times, and decided if they didn’t have anything nice to say they should keep their beaks shut, and I should follow suit.

It’s not that they haven’t been up to any antics- it’s just that their antics don’t bear repeating. Maybe one day they’ll decide to tell you about how Henrietta lost most of her feathers, some of her skin and how she ended up temporarily blind. She’s all recovered now and lives alone, in the greenhouse, but she still doesn’t want to talk about it, and Sam, Monique and Emily are just too ashamed of themselves to bring it up.

I can tell you, though, they felt so bad that for several nights Sam and Monique refused to go in the coop at night, preferring instead to keep watch over Henrietta in the greenhouse. Sam took up a perch on the roof and Monique settled in the wheelbarrow by the greenhouse door and no amount of broom-waving, threatening or cajoling could get them to budge. After a few days, they did return to the coop, but have been in a pretty somber mood over the whole ugly, cannibalistic affair ever since.