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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sam the Second Is In the House

Our daughter-in-law, Sharil, celebrated her  birthday today. She and granddaughter Abby  celebrated another holiday today, albeit a little late: Chinese New Year, which began on  January 28 this year and  is designated  the Year of the Rooster.  Abby decided that since last year was the Year of the Monkey, she should  have a monkey and I should have a Rooster.  So they went to  the Build A Bear Workshop and  built a monkey for Abby and a rooster for me.  She delivered   him this afternoon- and a lovely rooster he is, too. He even brought his  birth certificate with him, showing that his name is Sam. He crows just like  the old Sam, although I'm not sure how Sam the First would have  liked    having a competitor, especially one more colorful than he was! As you can see,  Sam II is  quite a handsome fellow, although he lacks the long spurs that Sam I  sported, so he would be wise  not to antagonize any real roosters since he's at a definite disadvantage in the self-defense department.
Abby also gave me a  picture of herself with the Easter Bunny. Maybe it's just me, but that bunny looks as though it ate a few too many Easter eggs. I haven't figured out what the eyes remind me of- but that chubby rabbit has some seriously long eyelashes!  None of that seems to be bothering Abby, though, and she looks  quite pleased to be sitting on the critter's lap.
 Tomorrow is the first day of spring and our temperatures are predicted to be in the high 70s tomorrow and 80 on Tuesday, which makes me wonder if  Mother Nature  is planning to skip spring and go directly to summer.  I certainly hope not! But I do plan to get outside and transplant  some of my seedlings into  bigger pots and window boxes.

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Rick Watson said...

I'm not sure I would sit on that bunny's lap :) That is one cute Youngun.