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Monday, March 27, 2017

Gardening as a Sleep Aid

I made a discovery this week: playing in the dirt  is a very effective sleeping aid. For the past two nights I have fallen asleep between eight thirty and nine PM.  Hence the lack of blog posts. I worked outside weeding again this morning, but  maybe my body  has gotten used to the new exercises involved in gardening  by now and won't fall out from exhaustion at sundown from now on.

The gardening/weeding is coming along slowly but surely, and Mr. G has been  digging out some althea bushes that had gotten out of hand.  I manged to free  some daylilies from the clutches of weeds and  ripped out some Japanese honeysuckle that was   choking everything in its path. There's still lots to do, and  we haven't even begun on the veggie beds yet. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, so maybe  I'll get some of the much needed inside housework done, but I do hate to be inside when the weather is so lovely. Here are some pics of  our recent handiwork in the yard:
One of the althea  bushes  Mr. G dug out.  They are  beautiful flowering shrubs, but had  dropped seeds everywhere and were becoming a nuisance. We left a couple and will have to be more vigilant about   keeping the seedlings from becoming established.
 Hidden in this profusion of Bouncing Bet, dead nettle and henbit, were some daylilies that had  strayed from their parents somehow. They have now been freed.


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Rick Watson said...

You can't take your eyes off those young day lilies.