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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fickle Mother Nature

Fickle Mother Nature was at it again today.  Yesterday's lovely blue skies  were replaced by  gray skies that wept off and on  most of the day leaving us all shivering in the cold. And she's not finished yet, by all accounts. We could get temperatures in the twenties for the next few nights.  I hope  the cold weather doesn't  kill off all the lovely rosebuds.

As  cold and unpleasant as the weather was today, Mother Nature  didn't  pull the same nasty trick she pulled in 1993 when the  13th of March saw us buried under snow.  It's rare for the entire state of Alabama to be covered in snow, but all  sixty-seven counties reported snowfall.  Here in the Birmingham area  the official measurement was  thirteen inches but high winds caused  five foot drifts in some areas of the city.   I know some people love snow, but I'm not one of them. It's nice to look at but very hazardous to drive in, especially when it's such a rare occurrence that nobody seems  quite sure how to drive in it, and we invariably lose power as  trees and limbs  fall, taking  power lines down with them.

 It looks as though the Northeast will be hit by a huge blizzard in the next day or so. I hope it doesn't cause  too much damage, that all those who need shelter are able to find it, that everyone  stays warm and safe and that neighbors keep an eye out for each other. And I hope that that spring will soon  arrive and chase winter weather away once and for all this year.

The pic on the left is  one I took yesterday.  The one on the right was taken this morning. The  sky was so gray that the pic looks as though it was taken in black and white rather than color.  

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