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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Musings About Meals, Moons, and Meat Pies

Today was one of my more energetic days.  The  cupboard was bare, or almost bare, so we went to the supermarket this morning and stocked up on provisions. I have plans for some delicious meals  in the coming week: cream of leek and mushroom soup; creamy spinach pasta alfredo with crispy pancetta, roast chicken with roasted vegetables, and tonight we had Natchitoches Meat pies, using a recipe from the American Test Kitchens cooking show on PBS. 
The recipe called for a mixture of ground beef and ground pork, so we splurged a little and bought some lovely grass fed beef to go with the ground pork.  Aside from the  ecological  considerations, the beef was worth the extra expense  from a taste standpoint. The pies were really quite delicious, and were easy  to make. The recipe made enough for tonight's supper and tomorrow's, too but that's a good thing, since I'm hoping to go to yoga tomorrow and  supper will have to be on the fly.

If you'd like to try them yourself, the recipe is here:Natchitoches Meat Pies

Other than the fact that the  meat pies have a  half-moon shape this is  totally unrelated, but as we pulled into the driveway at home after our grocery buying trip, the waxing gibbous moon  was visible in the afternoon sky. I snapped a photo. It's not as clear as I'd like, but it does show the beautiful clear blue winter sky with the  pale moon  hanging there ever so gently. From what I've read, the  moon is always there in the daytime but we can't always see it.  That's OK with me because it makes the times that we  can see it that much more special. 


Rick Watson said...

Those pies sound scrumptious. I need to tell Jilda about them. And the moon was beautiful yesterday. Hope to see you at yoga tonight. Also, you should put a FOLLOW BY EMAIL widget on your blog. It sends notifications when you post which makes it easy to remember to read your entries.

Grace Smith said...

They WERE scrumptious, Rick. Someone said they looked like Cornish pasties, which I guess they do- but with a Cajun twist! I'm hoping to be at yoga tonight.

I took your advice and put the follow by e-mail gadget on the blog. I have no idea who looks at the blog, nor can I figure out why my stats show almost half the views are from Russia. Maybe I should put a translate widget on it too! :-)