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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dreaming of Spring

I ordered seeds today:  haricots vert, rainbow carrots, eggplants, both purple and white, tomatoes, lovely little leaf lettuce.  I decided to minimize my stress factor by NOT growing squash and facing the inevitable   heartache of losing my lovely squash to the evil squash vine borers as has happened nearly every year.  I will buy squash this summer at the farmers market and let others deal with the nasty insects that suck the life from the plants. I had hoped to grow some so that I could cook the squash blossoms, and I may yet order some  summer squash seed, there’s plenty of time.  Not wanting to completely eliminate the challenge of organic gardening in the Deep South, I did order some tomato seeds, so that I can battle the tomato hornworms again. I am a glutton for punishment, it seems. 

At any rate, the order is now on its way and the seeds should be here soon.  So while the temperature  tonight is already in the  twenties here and the cold winds, gray skies and frigid winter weather  may be here to  stay a while, I shall escape them temporarily by dreaming of spring and lovely warm  sunny days as I start preparing my seed box set-up in the greenhouse. 

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