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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Birthday and a Full Wolf Moon

Today we celebrated  our youngest son's  forty second birthday  a day early.   We were invited over to  his house  for a delicious supper of   salmon cooked to perfection on his grill and  some lovely veggies . His birthday cake was a bit unusual-- not a cake at all  because he's on a no-carb regimen  temporarily, so  he had candles stuck in a pan of  baked apples. Apple bake does rhyme with cake, after all!  We were entertained by four-year-old  granddaughter Abby who cajoled Mr.G  into  helping her  put her new puzzle together, then left him to finish it alone while she  went off to do more important things like  presenting  Daddy with  a present she had made herself: A photo of the two of them  in a  picture frame she had decorated herself. It was a fun evening.

As we were driving home we looked up and saw the beautiful full moon. Tonight's moon was surrounded by a fuzzy ring that some people say is a sign of  rain.  We don't have rain in the forecast for tomorrow, but you never know.  In Native American folklore the January full moon is called the  Full Wolf Moon because of the wolf packs that howled outside the villages during the cold, snowy winters. We neither saw not heard any wolves, thank goodness, but I can imagine  them howling in the cold, silhouetted against  the bright  shiny ball in a black sky.

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