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Monday, January 04, 2016

Goodbye, Mr. Snowman. See you next year

We began taking down the Christmas decorations today.  No more brightly lit snowman with outstretched arms to welcome us home on cold dark nights. Now Mr. Snowman and his little fawn friend are inside, tucked away under the basement stairs until next Christmas.  The outside decorations, door wreaths, nutcracker princes, sleigh, santas and reindeer and the browning greens in the living room are all gone.  The Christmas decorations in the kitchen and den remain, but in the living room the Christmas tree,   with the nativity scene tucked under its lower branches, is all that remains of Christmas. It will come down tomorrow, on Twelfth Night.  I will miss seeing it all sparkly and shiny, brightening the corner with its cheerful lights.

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