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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Strange noises and chicken pot pie

Very early this morning I woke up and  thought I heard a female voice  asking, "Can you get it out?" over and over while a much deeper voice answered, "Noooo."  Turns out Agatha and Victoria were snoring and making dream sounds. I've never before heard them snore in a way that made them sound like human voices- it was really kind of spooky!

Fortunately, the rest of the day passed without any more weird happenings.  Mr. G and I went out in search of an orchid  for  our daughter-in-law's birthday, found a beautiful one,  then delivered it and spent some time  playing with  granddaughter Abby, who as usual, was bubbling over with energy and  giggles.

Once home,  it was time to start supper.  We had  bought a rotisserie chicken at Publix when we went grocery shopping on Wednesday.  Although we had  two meals and  some sandwiches from it, there was still quite a bit of it left,  so I decided to make a chicken pot pie, using a recipe from Pepperidge Farm that used  their puff pastry as a crust. The first step was to roll out one of the pastry sheets to fit in the bottom of a round casserole,  then  prick it all over with a fork, cover it with foil and  bake it  for about 25 minutes.  The pastry shrank back from the sides of the casserole dish a little, as you can see.

While the  pastry was  baking, I browned some fresh sliced carrots,  chopped onion,  and sliced mushrooms in butter, then added  some flour  and  cooked until the flour   turned  deep gold.  Next I added some broth, some thawed green peas from the freezer,  the diced chicken,  some  spices, and  some  minced parsley fresh from  the Earthboxes on the deck. When the mixture had thickened, I spooned it into the  pastry lined casserole dish  then  weaved   some strips cut from the second  sheet of puff pastry  to make a latticework  top. I cut the   strips too wide for the casserole dish I was using, but it turned out all right anyway.

 It went in the oven to  bake for  forty-five minutes and came out nice and golden, with the  filling  bubbling   under the lattice top. It smelled  delicious and tasted  very good, too.   With several meals, and what little was left on the carcass  chopped up for the dogs and cat, I think we got our money's worth from that rotisserie chicken!

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