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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Energized again!

I've been suffering from bloggers block for the last few days. After my first chemo treatment it took me five days after the unhooking before my energy level was back to nearly normal. Unfortunately this time I didn't have the full five days because Super Tuesday fell on the fourth day and I may very well have overdone it. Since we were going out to vote anyway I figured we could just combine trips so in addition to going to  the polls I went to the post office for stamps, to the grocery store for odds and ends we had run out of and to the beauty shop to get my hair cut. Consequently, by Wednesday, when I should have been full of vim and vigor, I was still dragging and we had to put off our once-- every-two-weeks trip   to Publix for groceries and    the dogs' appointment at the  groomer's until Thursday . As luck  would have it, Thursday was one of those cold, miserable, rainy days when you wish you could stay home.  But off we all went. I'm happy to report that although we got cold and wet, we  did get  stocked up and the girls look and smell much better.  It's amazing how much better it is to ride in the car with rain-wet dogs after said dogs have  had a bath and a haircut.

Today was a beautiful spring-like day, perfect for being outside.  I puttered about at the potting bench, transferring the baby lettuces  that were  sown a few weeks ago into their permanent homes-  long window box planters.  I also  planted the new lettuce seedlings from the latest sowing into the window boxes to eliminate  the need to  disturb their roots by  potting them up several times.  If they do as well as  the lettuce did last year we can look forward to some lovely salads in a couple of months.

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Rick Watson said...

Wow! It wore me out just reading about all you did on Tuesday.