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Thursday, March 17, 2016

I'm back and it looks like spring around here

It's been ten days since my last post.  During those ten days I got another chemo treatment and spent another  46 hours wearing the portable pump. It seems to take longer to  snap back after a treatment now, and I am perpetually tired.  Which is a shame because the weather had been glorious and I would love to be messing about in the dirt and pulling weeds. As it is, I've managed to keep the plants in the greenhouse and the little seedlings  that have now moved outside watered, and to keep the bird feeders filled.  I've even managed to take the dogs for a walk a few times, and cleaned up my very messy study, banishing the dust bunnies that had multiplied...well, like rabbits! And the kitchen floor- I  had to mop it- it had   gotten in such a state I feared the  board of health would be out to  close down the kitchen any day now if I didn't get some of the dog hair, tracked-in  dirt, splattered grease and other unidentifiable nastiness  swept up and mopped.

I've also  gotten outside to snap a few  pics  to  show that spring is finally on  its way. 


Rick Watson said...

Ain't no easy horses. Grace, I have no point of reference so I can't know what you're going through. I just wish there was something I could do to help.
But the weather has been incredible.

Marshall Goodfellow said...

Well - I'm not happy about the situation I find you in, but so happy to read your stories again. It has been a while. My wife has went through that chemo thing twice and she also felt more tired the longer it went. She slept a lot.

Spring is trying to spring here in SW Ohio and I fear it may be way too soon. Cherries, Magnolias are in full bloom, the hosta are coming up and I saw a lily poking through the soil today.

So good to hear your "voice" again.


Grace Smith said...

Rick- I didn't mean to sound whiny,and all this stuff is more aggravating than anything else. I'm sure it will all pass- alhtough, come to think of it, in my condition, it may not be a good idea to mention "passing." Every time I hear the expression "passed" now I hear Jeanne Robertson talking about making a pound cake when folks get sick or "pass" :-D If you haven't ever heard it, here's a link:

Grace Smith said...

Marshall- It's good to "see" you again! I hope with all the spring blooms none of us have a late frost that zaps everything! How have you and your child bride been? :-)