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Monday, August 10, 2015

Silver Clouds, Black Skies, Stormy Monday

It's a stormy Monday evening. We’re having a regular sound and light show now so I had better make this a short blog post and switch the computer off before the storm does it for me! As we were driving to my yoga class in Sumiton tonight Mr. G and I commented on how beautiful the sky was, and how the clouds gave the appearance of a mystical landscape with mountains and shorelines. The sun hiding behind the clouds gave them a diaphanous silvery sheen, while the edges shone with a luminous golden glow. It was almost dreamlike in its loveliness. That all changed while I was in yoga class, though. As we were doing our final relaxation meditation we could hear the ominous deep rumblings of thunder getting louder and louder signaling that a storm was moving in.  By the time the class was over, the rain had begun to fall. As we drove towards the highway we could see that the sky just ahead of us was gray and rain laden but as we looked to the west we saw that the sky was an angry pitch black and the darkness was moving rapidly towards us. As we got a few miles down the road we managed to get in front of the storm clouds and outrun them, but we could see  bright flashes that lit the sky as the storm behind us threw spears of lightning to land in front of us.

We got home and into the house just in time to let the dogs out and get them back in before the rain came pouring down. Here's hoping the rain cools things down a bit and doesn't just create steam as it has been doing lately.  We desperately need a break from this unrelenting heat.

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Rick Watson said...

We worried that y'all would be in the thick of it Grace. I'm glad you made it ok.
It was NASTY. My app showed wind gusts of 66 MPG.