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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Lost Muses and Reincarnated Roosters

I often feel that when I lost Sam I lost my muse. He spend his early chickhood as a timid little chick who would hop on my boots for a ride around the back yard.

He grew into a most handsome fellow who took very seriously his job as guardian of the flock.
 He was the inspiration for most of my humorous tales about life with an ornery rooster. I miss him in more ways than one and we miss the lovely eggs the girls provided.  But I don’t miss them enough to get another rooster! Besides,  several of our old neighbors have moved away and new  neighbors have moved in and  I’m not sure they’d be as tolerant of some of the  shenanigans the critters got up to. Like the  time he put on an X-rated show  in the back yard. Sometimes I think feisty little Agatha  is channeling Sam.  She’s certainly as ornery and bossy as he was (just ask poor, long-suffering Victoria who puts up with Agatha stealing her  toys and  giving  her hip slams), and she DOES eat hornworms – well, she ate ONE hornworm, which may have been her first and last because it made her a little crazy as you can see in the pic  to the left. Sadly, Agatha doesn’t have  Sam’s comedic flair or sense of timing, but she does have the same ability to aggravate  Mr. G That Sam had.  Fortunately, she doesn’t have spurs! I think Mr. G may still have the scars from some of those encounters, like this one.Meanwhile, we're enjoying the relative peace and quiet- or at least Mr. G is. Until Agatha  barks- Mr. G says it is the  shrillest, most annoying bark he has ever heard and he's sure she's out to make him go deaf or crazy, whichever comes first.  Yes, I do believe  she might be Sam, reincarnated as a dog. She  just hasn't perfected her act yet.

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