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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The fog comes on little cat feet

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
                ~Carl Sandburg

Sometime during the night,  fog crept in, blanketing everything in a smoky mist. Usually, our fog disappears  quite early, but this morning it hung around until  ten or so
Finally,  sunbeams began to break through, and within just a few minutes the sun was shining and the fog had moved on, leaving  dew kissed grass sparkling in the sunlight. It turned out to be  lovely, warm and  bright day, a perfect day to work  outdoors.  But then I thought about my seed order that should be arriving in a few days, about the awful mess the greenhouse is in and how I'd be lucky if I could  clear even a small space to start seeds.  So I decided to tackle the greenhouse. To my dismay, in addition to housing the plants that  spend the summer on the deck, my very small greenhouse seems to have become a repository for all things garden related (and some that aren't) that need a transitional home before being consigned to either  a permanent place or the junk-pile. Thus I was confronted with a  hand truck, a stepladder, step stool,  various rake heads, hoe handles, and sundry broken tools, cricket  buckets,  cracked plastic pots, and the list goes on. I have been turning a blind eye to all this when I  go in to water the plants,   gingerly stepping over and around the mess but it had reached the point where it was becoming a safety hazard.

First, I  dragged out the hand truck and some of  Mr. G's other things and told him to find them a new home. Then I filled a large trash receptacle with  things  to send to the dump. It was looking better already! But now I could clearly see the weeds  that had been   flourishing under the benches and set about  pulling them up.  Then I noticed that  there were signs that little rodent visitors had been scurrying along the tops of the benches, so I began to move all the plants, one section, at a time to clean the  bench surfaces.   It was in the process of moving the plants that I made an exciting discovery!

A tall stem was rising from one of the aloe plants- with buds on top! I have NEVER had an aloe plant send up a bloom stalk before so this was quite an exciting discovery.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day soon I'll go in the greenhouse and be greeted by  sunny yellow flowers on this  stem!

It's been a good day:  The  greenhouse  looks  much better, the seed starting area is  all ready and waiting for the seeds to arrive and be sown and  I may  soon  be enjoying the sight of  my first-ever aloe bloom! 

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