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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Diary continues: Summer is winding down- but Sam isn't!

Evidently, the heat has really been getting to Sam and the girls- they are getting more and more impatient to get out of the run and into the garden in the evening- but only after I give them their pasta treat. Mr. G. let them out last night on account of I was still celebrating Labor Day by laboring at cleaning up the den at sundown..but he didn't have their pasta treat ready. Sam really let me know how upset he was about that when I went out there tonight- he came at me with hackles raised until he saw the pasta, at which point he forgave me and jumped up in my lap as usual. So I told him about my trials and tribulations at work, and he got really sympathetic, or at least, as sympathetic as a rooser-hen can get. I told Sam he really didn't have any room to complain, given the horrible day I'd had at work. Then come to find out, Mr. G- who had said he was going to start on building our new compost bins today, had actually been watching TV- I know this because he said, "When you go on-line, check out Oprah's site and print out the recipes- she had Emeril on her show today, and he had a good sounding Gumbo recipe." So here I am, running all over like a chicken with it's head cut off, while the real chickens are living the life of Riley and Mr. G. is watching TV. Next thing you know, he'll be doing Martha-like stuff. At which point you'll prolly read about a woman in Alabama who went bersek and had to be heavily sedated before being carried off for intense therapy. And we won't even go into the matter of the dog who has gotten so jealous of Sam and the girls that she's taken to self-mutilation (we thought it was hot-spots and tried cortisone therapy, but that wasn't working) and is in need of a canine psychologist.... so now I have to give her extra attention on account of we don't have any canine psychologists in these parts ( the extra attention does seem to be working, though). Like I said, life around here is never boring...

Sam just hasn't been himself for the last week or so- he's been extremely feisty. This all started week-end before last when our grandaughter spent the week-end. We took her to a new Creek Indian Village exhibit that had just opened at the museum and then on Sunday we went to the railroad museum and rode the trains. Anyway, while she was here on Saturday, I went out to give Sam and the girls their pasta treat just like always. Kaitlyn wanted to come too- I told her to act normally and don't get loud or jump up and down around the chickens (which, come to think of it, is NOT acting normally for her, since she's usually loud and boisterous...). Everything was fine at first- Sam jumped up in my lap as usual to get his treat, then he noticed Kaitlyn standing behind the chair, so he hopped down to investigate. Evidently, Kaitlyn felt he was coming to attack her and started hollering- which got Sam and the girls all excited, so he started getting loud and running around with his hackles all spread out, which scared Kaitlyn even more so she started yelling louder that she wanted to go back in the house, but with Sam and the girls all running around cackling and crowing she couldn't get past them. It was horrible- and in retrospect, funny, in a kind of Funniest Home Videos kind of way. I finally got everybody calmed down enough to get Kaitlyn back in the house and Sam and the girls in the coop. But ever since, Sam has been showing a mean streak- every once in a while he'll come up behind me and try to bite my leg or something. He durn near followed me back into the house tonight, just raising the biggest fuss about nothing. I told him he's likely to be somebody's Sunday dinner if he doesn't straighten up. So now I have a dog who's jealous of a rooster and a rooster who's jealous of a grandchild. And a husband who's got vertigo from riding backwards on a train and watching kids and wives and chickens flying around the back yard! And I had so hoped we could all be just normal folks at some point...

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