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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Barking Chickens

I dunno what's going on- what with Sam acting really strange around the girls, and the girls squawking and carrying on and chasing each other and then flying around and swooping down on me while I'm trying to put their fresh food out and change their water. But the strangest thing happened last night. Sam, Henrietta and Emily were cavorting around outside the run at sunset. Monique marched past all of them, straight into the run- and I swear, she started barking! Now Henrietta tries to mimic Sam sometimes and sounds like she's trying to crow, but Monique really sounded like she was barking, just like a dog! Sam seems to have resolved his gender identity crisis (which I'm really not too happy about, since he's become a bit of a show-off with his new found knowledge of who and what he is), but this barking chicken thing is just more than I can handle... And I'm kind of concerned that the hens are about the age when they should start laying. I started the girls on layer feed, but they show no inclination towards egg-laying yet. That may be a good thing, though, because now I'm kind of concerned that a barking chicken might hatch a chuppy or a pucken or something !


I got home from work and hollered out "Honey, I'm Home!" But there was no answer. The back door was open, though, so I figured Mr. G. must be out back. And he was- with Sam in hot pursuit. Seems Mr. G., thinking it's gettng dark earlier and earlier, decided to let Sam and the girls out before I got home, so's they'd have time to run around and dig and scratch and stuff. But he should've known that when Sam sees that run door open, he expects spaghetti to be waiting on the other side. Mr. G. had no spaghetti, so Sam was chasing him back towards the house to get some. Mr. G tried to tell me that Sam was just ornery, and he'd chase me and nip at me, too when I went out, but I had the good sense to take spaghetti, along with some stern warnings about ornery roosters and chicken stew, and Sam was as meek as a lamb. But he refused to apologize to Mr. G, even though I explained that Mr. G was just trying to be nice by letting him out early. I dunno what's gonna happen when we go off Daylight Savings time and it really is dark by the time I get home...

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