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Friday, July 11, 2008

An Unusual Sight

The sun was shining. Streaks of lightning were splitting the sky. Thunder was booming and crashing. Rain was pelting down, pouring like a waterfall off the front porch. We've had TWO days with rain- good, soaking rain. I can almost hear the plants sighing in relief!
Sam and Monique, who usually retreat into the safety of the coop when the skies get dark and stormy, were evidently confused by the light. Sam decided to do a duet with the thunder by crowing loudly between the booms, insisting that he be fed immediately and let out into the yard to investigate. So there I was, at risk of being turned to cinders by a bolt of lightning, feeding chickens.


Anne-Marie said...

We get a lot of rain where I live (in Bellingham, WA) but not rain like that! Yikes!

roosterhen said...

Anne-Marie, Here,we seem to be living in the land of all or nothing lately. No rain for ages then a deluge. Mother Nature likes to tease us. Makes gardening a challenge.