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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggs

It occurred to me that we have never tried to dye brown eggs. Even after the girls began to lay, we bought white eggs at the grocery store to dye. Long after the kids were grown and gone, we continued to dye eggs because it was one of my sister's greatest pleasures. My sister, Jo, was born with Down syndrome. She came to live with us when our mother died over thirty years ago and was always responsible for at least half the eggs in our family Easter basket. Jo attended a day program at the local Arc for many years but began to develop Alzheimer's about six years ago. Finally her symptoms became too severe for her to continue in the day program and it became increasingly difficult to care for her at home. Jo moved into a group home late in 2006 and seems quite happy to be among the other residents- and they dye eggs there, too! Here she is at our last egg dyeing session at home in 2004. See how proud she was of her lovely eggs?

I haven't dyed Easter eggs since these pics were taken, but thought I might try it next year with natural colorants. I was poking around the internet looking for information on using natural dyes for eggs and found some absolutely beautiful eggs here. I just might try that on some of our brown eggs next year.

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